Same Day Restorations

Companies dissolved under one year can be restored on a one day basis.  Companies Registration Office charge €300.00 fee on H1 Form and client should present themselves with all documentation fully completed.  Restoration is likely to take several hours.

Company Seals

Every company is required to have a company seal.  It is the signature of the company.  An impression of the seal should only be put on important documents like contracts, mortgages and other binding or legal documents.  The impression of the seal on documents must be witnessed by a director and secretary of the company or two directors or any other persons approved by the Board of Directors.  

Cost of seal is €38.00 plus VAT

Company Secretarial Work

Please see information leaflet 

Business Names

A person or a Limited Company may register a business name under which they intend to trade.  It is unlawful to carry on business under any title other than your own name without registered that name at the Companies Registration Office.  

A business name registration gives you no protection to that name at the Companies Registration Office who will allow another business name or Limited Company to be subsequently registered by somebody else using your title.  It is best to incorporate a Limited Company to protect your title and protect yourself personally against various lawsuits.

Cost of business name registration is €95.00 including VAT and usually registration takes approx 2 weeks

Acting as Company Secretary

We only act as Secretary to one director companies as we would not be in a position to travel around the county to attend director meetings.

A secretary is an officer of a company just as a director is.  The secretary has obligations under the Companies Act 2014 and under Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Acts.  In this regard we need to know who are the beneficial owners of a company (persons holding more than 25% issued share in a company)

Being an officer of a company we need to know the activity of the company and whatever other details we may be deemed as appropriate.  We will, from time to time, request a copyof a bank statement to confirm our knowledge and understanding of the companies business.  (The customer may black out account number, Iban etc for security reasons)

If you wish to engage us as secretary for your company we will take it that you understand and agree to our policy of "know your customer"

Our cost to arrange secretary is €400 plus VAT per annum

Legalisation of Documents

If doing business in jurisdications outside of Ireland, Foreign Agents or Government Authorities may require various documents to be certified by a Solicitor or Notary Public and then to have their signature verified by the Dept of Foreign Affairs.  This procedure is known as an apostile.  There are two types of apostiles,, convention and non-convention, i.e. those who signed up to the 1976 Convention recognising the Certificate of Documents by Government Authorities and those who did not.

We charge €200.00 plus VAT for arranging same.  

Tax Registration

Once your company is registered you should apply online for the company to be registered for Corporation Tax, PAYE and VAT.  It is one form, TR2. for all tax registration.  Whereas it is necessary to register for Corporation Tax and PAYE, it is not compulsory to register for VAT unless your business exceeds €70,000 for the supply of goods and €38,000 for the supply of services.  However if  you don't register then most good and services you buy will have VAT on them which will be lost to you whereas if you are registered you will reclaim VAT charged from Revenue.

To explain how VAT works is as follows:

When you charge VAT on your invoice, the VAT amount should be put into an imaginary box and when you pay a bill with VAT on it you take that amount out of the box.  At the end of the VAT period which is usually every two months, what is left in the box belongs to Revenue and needs to be sent to them.

There are two methods of accounting for VAT.  One is based on invoices sent out and the other is based on receipt of payments from clients.

Beneficial Owners Registration (RBO)

The owners of 25% or more of shares of any company are obligated to register their details at the Registry of Beneficial Owners (RBO).  Their website is  Registration at the RBO must be completed within 5 months of one becoming a beneficial owner.  Failure to company may lead to penalties.

We charge €75.00 plus VAT for one person.  If there are two more more we charge €50.00 plus VAT per person.

High Court Restoration

If a company is dissovled more than one year it can only be restored through the Courts.  In most instances this requires a High Court Order but in some circumstances it could be Circuit Court.  Our fees remain the same.

We charge €4950 plus VAT and this includes all court and associated fees: Barrister, Solicitor, Chief State Solicitor, Revenue Solicitor, Companies Office Solicitor, outlays and follow up work to completion.

The Company must have all its Revenue and Companies Office filings up-to-date before either of these Authorities will give their written Letter of No Objection to the restoration.

Companies are usually dissolved due to non-filings at CRO.  Late filing penalites will then apply.  Penalties are €1,200 for each return more than a year outstanding.  There is a maximum late penalty of €3,600 for all annual returns.  In addition to penalties, there is a charge of €20.00 per each return.

Should the High Court Application be adjourned due to the failure of the client to finalise their end of affairs, there will be an extra charge of €400.00 plus VAT for the solicitor to go to court and seek an adjournment.

High Court Restoration takes 3/4 months approx

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