Gurantee Companies (Charities)

Please chick here for our order form that should be used when the Gurantee Company will be a regulated charity

Designated Activity Company

Please click here for order form for a new Designated Activity Company. This structure should be used when the business is going to conduct a regulated activity or wants to list Debt or shares on a regulated market.

Unlimited Company

Please click here for our order form to incorporate an unlimited company

Guarantee Company ( Multi-Unit Developments)

Please click here for our order form to incorporate a Gurantee Company which will be used for the holding of the common areas in Multi-Unit Developments

Guarantee Company ( Sport's Clubs, Social Co's, Trade Community Associations)

Please click here for our order form for a Guarantee company that is set up as a sports club, social club or a trade or cummunity association. This order form should not be used if the comapny is looking for charitable status.

Private Limited Company (Minimum One Director)

Please click here to download our order form for the private limited company. This is the company which is allowed a minimum of One Director.

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