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Since July 2009, all Irish company must have a Director who is resident in the E.E.A. If a company cannot arrange a Director who is resident in the E.E.A the legal alternative is the insurance bond. The purpose of the Bond is to ensure that the company will file the required annual compliance documents at the companies registry and the tax authorities. If the company fails to meet its statutory requirements, then either of theses bodies are entitled to call upon the bond issuer to pay the outstanding fees, fines, taxes up to a maximum of €25,000    
We can arrange the above bond for you. The cost is €1875.00 for a two year bond..
The type of bond available is a "recourse" bond. If the company fails to carry out its statutory filings at the Companies Registry or the Tax Authorities, then the insurance company is entitled to pursue the company and /or its Directors for their loss.
Please click here to download the application form for a company which is already registered.    
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