When applying to the District Court for an extension of time to file a missed return without losing audit exemption, it is necessary to state the circumstances of why the annual return was missed.  This is done by way of an affadavit that the judge will read.  Nobody connected to the company will be required to attend court.  We will look after the legal representations there.

Companies whos registered office is situated outside of Dublin must change their registered office to Dublin while the court application is taking place and will be returned to the original address after the court hearing.

The company will need a viable excuse as to why the annual return was missed. To say one forgot would not succeed in court.

All-in cost for the hearing and follow up documentation is €750.00 plus VAT this includes court fees, legal fees, agents fees etc.  We will refund your payment if unsuccessful in court.  Payment will be required upfront as the district court office requires payment accordingly.

Please print this page off, complete below and scan back to us at:

It should be noted that it is a criminal offence not to do annual return filings at Companies Registration Office with fines of up to €5,000.00 per missed return.


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Reason why A/R was missed: ___________________________________________________________________________________________



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