Terms and Conditions

Kearney Curran & Co..

Kearney Curran & Co. These servants or agents herein referred to as Kearney Curran reserve the right to refuse to process any application for any work without assigning any cause for same and if such refusal does occur a full refund of monies paid will be refunded, unless out of pocket work was incurred, but without any compensation claimed by any party whatsoever for any loss or damage sustained through the work not being carried out.

Kearney Curran takes every care to produce documentation as accurately as possible however there are no warranties or representations, implied or expressed, written or oral, in fact or by operation of the law or otherwise except as herein expressly stated.

In no event shall Kearney Curran be liable for any indirect, special or consequential damages for any reason (however caused) whatsoever including any damages out of customer access to or use of any service, goods or information provided or shown in any format including responsibility or liability resulting from inaccuracy or omission.

Any person, firm or body dealing with Kearney Curran agree to indemnify and to hold Kearney Curran harmless from any loss or liability to the user or third party for any injuries, damages, negligence, inaccuracy errors, goods, supplied or services rendered in any format.

Kearney Curran may demand identification of its customers and others associated with any company or service it provides and same must be provided if requested.

Companies formed or sold by Kearney Curran will be struck off unless full details are supplied to Kearney Curran. Companies or services sold by Kearney Curran will also be struck off or cancelled if said companies and/or services are not paid for in full.

Kearney Curran cannot except any responsibility for the consequences of any data on their system nor any changes, damages and/or loss, or disruption to your or anybody’s data or computer network or similar communications mode which may occur whilst using this system or programs on it.

Kearney Curran reserves the right to publish, insert, register and inform whether fee paid or not, to disclose to the owner of any copyright materials, such as intellectual property rights, registered designs, service marks, symbols, logos, brand or trade names. Kearney Curran hereby consents to disclose any information requested of them in relation to same, which comes from a reputable and original source.

Names will not be registered under the companies act, where it is the same name as an existing one. However, a similar name may be registered. There is always the risk, within a given time of the name being registered, that a government body, or legal representative may challenge or object that the name may confuse the public as to the identity of the party using it or is in some other way in breach of their legal rights and it is agreed that Kearney Curran will not be liable in any manner whatsoever in respect of a name or title which any government body or a third party might object to.

No person, firm or body has the right to use the name of Kearney Curran & Company in any format.

Kearney Curran reserves the right at all times to vary these conditions and any such variation will become effective immediately.

Disputes with Kearney Curran may be sent to an arbitrator or any body as Kearney Curran deems fit to choose

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